Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Test Your Knowledge of American History/Government/Economics

I found this test to be very interesting. Thanks to Dimitri Rotov at Civil War Bookshelf for posting this. For the record, I did take the test. I have a BA and MA in History so I figured I'd do pretty well. It is a 60 question multiple choice test. I scored 85% (51 of 60). Most of the questions I missed were about ancient Greek philosophy and economics. No surprise there for those of you that know me. So here's the link TEST. Let me know how you do!


Chris Grimes said...

Not so bad....49 out of 60 (82%)

SL Harris said...

Like you, the questions I missed were the ones related to ancient Greek philosophy and economic theory (52 out of 60). I guess I really do remember some of the info from my college courses! (MA in History).