Monday, September 3, 2007

New Blog Y'all Should Check Out

My friend and partner in crime, Chris Grimes has started his own blog called Albemarle Soundings. I blog quite frequently about our living history activities, but you can also keep up with what we are doing through Chris' blog as well. Chris and I (along with a few others) are pretty much the backbone of the living history group, which now includes not only Ship's Company of the Roanoke, our maritime group, but also the 5th NC Regiment, Continental Line. This new group was formed by Chris and his neighbor Bill Barber to portray North Carolina Continental Line soldiers in the Revolutionary War. They chose the 5th to portray because their members were all from eastern NC. Anyhow, I haven't really plugged Chris' blog yet because he was just getting started, but he's doing a really good job with it so check it out!


Chris Grimes said...

Aaaaah! Thank you for your kind words. (I pay you at the next event)

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Pay me at the next event? Does that mean you're supplying the grog ration at Tarboro?!