Sunday, August 26, 2007

Change of Color Scheme

Yes, there is a reason behind my change of color scheme for the blog. In anticipation of the beginning of football season, I have used as much black and gold as possible. Yes, I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. After last year's terrible break down I am hopeful for a good season this year. After a summer of watching the Pirates struggle (again), I am happy for football season to get here. I still hold out hope that the Buccos will one day emerge as a contender, but let's face it, its been 15 years now. I say its the curse of Barry Bonds, but that's just me. I'm ready to watch Big Ben, Willie, Hines, Polamalu, and the rest of the boys go to work. Two more weeks to wait, but I'll be watching the preseason tune up against Philly tonight, you'd better believe.


Drew W. said...

What about the Heels or the Wolfpack?

Andrew Duppstadt said...

Well Drew, its kinda like this...when it comes to college football I am a Penn State fan. This is the curse of growing up in western PA from age 2 to 12. However, if you are talking college hoops I am a Tar Heel fan all the way. I wasn't much into college basketball in my formative years, and thus formed no alliances until we moved to ACC country and I was forced to decide. I chose UNC, my brother chose NC State and later switched allegiance to Florida State (mainly because he liked their baseball team). So that's how my screwy sports team allegiances work. Its unusual, but it works for me. And now I have a cousin in grad school at Duke (Yikes!).