Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Two Latest Book Reviews

I have recently had two book reviews published, both dealing with Civil War naval history. The first is my review in Civil War Book Review on Edward Cotham's Battle on the Bay.

Just out this week, is my review of Angus Curry's The Officer's of the CSSShenandoah, published in the January 2007 issue of North Carolina Historical Review. This review will be available online once the issue is archived, so check back to the site periodically.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing both books and would recommend them to anyone. Cotham's book is a very thorough examination of Galveston, Texas during the war. It is quite an entertaining and informative read. Curry's book is a work that touches on numerous aspects of scholarship from masculinity to memory to weave a unique portrait of the ship's officer corps. Even if you aren't particularly interested in naval history, both of these books are worth a look.

Cotham, Battle on the Bay
Curry, The Officers of the CSS Shenandoah

Happy Reading!

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